D-eye Photography blog

I am a Canberra portrait photographer available for commission in art nude, fetish, underwater and boudoir photography. Welcome to my blog.

Some of what I post may be uncomfortable for some people to view, as such when posting entries that may do so I'll be adding a relevant tag in the title.

These tags may be:

Where required I'll add in multiple tags.



Emmy-Lee volume 2 (NSFW, fetish)


These are from my second photo shoot with Emmy-Lee, and follows on from volume 1. This was back in 2017 on my way to the Australian International Airshow that year.

Model: Emmy-Lee, Photographer: Brett Sargeant, D-eye Photography


Anne Duffy underwater (NSFW)


I've been lacking motivation to make a blog post for far too long, and felt the need to post something, so here are some underwater photos with Anne Duffy from 2016.

Model: Anne Duffy, Photographer: Brett Sargeant, D-eye Photography



Romahni Rose, Brighton night (NSFW)


On a trip to Melbourne in 2017 I was able to work with Romahni Rose on a night photo shoot at Brighton, I was hoping for stars, but the weather didn't really cooperate.

Model: Romahni Rose, Photographer: Brett Sargeant, D-eye Photography