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Several times a year I hold special photo sessions around a particular style of photo shoot. The next one will be on the 2nd of November and is an aerial photo session. So, what happens at an aerial photo session?

aerial photo session brochure

When you arrive one of the professional make-up artists will prepare your make-up for the photo session. This will take about an hour.

aerial photo

Once your make-up is complete, the photo session will commence on your chosen apparatus, be it Hoop, Sling, or Pole.

You should have prepared between 5 and 10 poses for the shoot. The photo session takes 30 minutes to complete. This doesn't sound long, but is plenty of time as the lighting will already be prepared and you just need to do your selected poses.

aerial photo

There will be an iSpin instructor on hand to assist with fine-tuning the posing and positioning so that you look your best in the photo.

aerial photo

After each pose you can look at the photo on the back of the camera to see if the pose needs adjustment.

aerial photo

You can change outfit during the shoot, and use two different apparatus, just keep in mind the time limit, so outfit changes should be kept as simple as possible.

aerial photo

After the shoot, I prepare the best photo of each pose in a style similar to the ones in this blog entry. This will take up to two weeks. You can then choose two which will be printed at 20cm x 30cm (8" x 12") and mounted to 28cm x 36cm (11" x 14").

You retain copyright to all images, you'll receive a high resolution digital image of every pose which you can use to create further prints from. There will be a smaller version for sharing on facebook and emailing to friends and relatives. All images will be in two versions, black and white, and colour.

The prints would make an excellent Christmas present and you will receive them early December.

aerial photo

As there are a few people who are interested in participating, but can't make the 2nd of November, I am holding another on the 7th of December.

The photo session is open to any aerialist from any school. For more information and to book, please email or phone me.

In case you're looking at the instructors in these photos and are thinking that you couldn't possibly end up with photos looking like that, here is a photo of me from when I was testing the lighting for that photo shoot. I am only an intermediate student, so don't let thoughts of not being good enough hold you back.

aerial photo

If you would like to be kept informed of when future special photo sessions will be held, send me an email.

If I can find a suitable pool, I am intending to hold an underwater session sometime over summer.

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